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Get to Know 5 Advantages of Live-in Relationships

by Rajesh Gotan

The constitution of marriage is very old across various cultures across the globe. Couple now want to assess the compatibility before getting married via live-in relationships. However, marriage comes with its own social and legal bindings which is increasingly becoming debatable amongst urban and modern young people.

 Another factor in some cases is that marriage brings tremendous amount of financial burden. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Live-in relationships are two sides of the coin.  Yes, a Live-in relationship gives you time to take the next step after you assess the stability but it’s a debatable question whether Live-in relationships are a solution or a problem.

In this composition note, we have put in endeavour to understand the major advantages of Live-in relationships.

    Freedom from Family and Social Responsibilities

    In marriage, couples jointly share responsibilities of the social circle, families and finances. It takes time and effort for the couple to strike balance and harmony in respective families and society. In Live-in relationships there is no legal or social bondage and the couples do not need to make any compromises. Unlike married couples, there is no pressure to please relatives and parents.

    A partner can enjoy his or her own personal space. As a society norm breaker, the social rulings, rituals, obligations and pressure are not applicable to a Live-in partner.

    Live-in RelationshipsLess Legal Bindings

    Unlike marriage, Live-in relationship is free legal obligations. Divorce is an unpleasant possibility and in today’s modern world, divorces are becoming common. Live-in relationship fully eliminates the potential scope of legal hassles in ending the relationship which is not working out. There is an easy exit always for both the partners. Handling a break up is far easier than getting through a traumatic and chaotic divorce.   

        Financial Independence

        In Live-in relationship, there is a division of expenses, each partner is responsible for his or her own expenses. Marriages forces increased responsibilities of joint bank account and joint financial investments making the couple always staying alert of their cash inflow and outflow. Yes, in live-in relationships partners spend on each other, but there is no interference or interrogation by the partner on the financial move. In Live-in relationships, there is financial freedom for both partners.

        “We’re often afraid of being vulnerable, but vulnerability creates genuine connection.”
        Gabby Bernstein

        Compatibility Assessment for Marriage    

        Divorces are rising in today’s society and they cause huge financial burden aside from emotional trauma’s and suffering. When the couple is in a Live-in relationship they are mostly sharing their life together. It is impossible for someone to hide his or her true situation, nature and traits when they are together mostly – they can be assessed accurately and honestly.   In arranged marriage or during courtship, it is very easy for one to present only good side of him or her but in a live-in relationship it is almost impossible to continue to pretend. Live-in relationships offer true test of compatibility.

        Equality and Mutual Respect

        In a Live-in relationship, both the partners treat each other equal in terms of the free will and insecurities as both of them know that exit door is always open. They are aware and conscious about it therefore they will always walk extra mile to make their partner feel loved, cared and secured. Both the partners have equal space as they are free – financially, socially and legally. There are no patriarchal norms in Live-in relationship and women are treated equal.

        In the urban and modern world, Live-in relationships are becoming common. The above are just the advantages of the Live-in relationships.

        However, there are disadvantages also of such an arrangement. If you want to learn about those, check the next article. 

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