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Major Less-Known Virtues Of Vitamin C- It’s Way Beyond An “Immunity Tablet”

by Rajesh Gotan

Vitamin C is known as “Miracle Vitamin”. Very little has been understood about this wonder vitamin by the majority. Its association is perceived for the benefits for immunity building or something that a doctor prescribes to recover from cold or flu. During this phase of the Pandemic it became a part of every household promising immunity shield against COVID-19.

When we look at our scientific history, it is said that around 100 people of the crew of Vasco da Gama died in 1498 due to Scurvy and 21 years later The Magellan and his 200 people of the crew sailing to the Philippines died due to the same disease. And many such other events in history have happened. The cause of death was due to the lack of vitamin because of the poor diet.

However, the benefits of Vitamin C are way wider than just immunity alone.

And yes – it’s worth the hype.

The awareness about Vitamin C increased when the Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling’s brought out revolutionary findings of Vit C. He claimed that large dosages of vitamin C could reduce the risk of the common cold by 45 percent. Then he further claimed with findings that Vitamin C can help prevent and treat cancer. After that, so many studies were conducted across the world and are being conducted even now to discover the profound role of Vitamin C on our health.

Vitamin C is the Most Loved Vitamins of all.

Various fruits and vegetables have vit C, however, in today’s life lifestyle factors such as smoking, drinking, pollution, and eating habits deplete vit C. Therefore the consumption of supplements of Vitamin C has become unavoidable to maintain health and prevent diseases.

Aside from Immunity building, Vitamin C provides the following benefits:

      • It helps in managing the blood pressure

      • It reduces uric acid levels and helps in preventing gout attacks

      • It helps in building and maintaining healthy gums

      • It helps in detoxification thereby reducing the effects of ageing

      • It helps in building healthy skin

      • It lowers the risk of heart disease

      • It Helps prevents iron deficiency

      • It helps in protecting your memory and thinking as you age

      • It prevents the risk of cancer

      • It helps in treating cold and flu

      • It accelerates wound healing

    Given the above benefits, no wonder Vitamin C is called a Miracle Vitamin.

    However, while you consume it be watchful of the following:

        • The source it comes from. It is best to stick to plant-based sources that are non-allergic and get absorbed in the body with ease.

        • The quantity of Vitamin C must be checked on the label. A lower quantity will not provide the benefits. In some countries, there are restrictions in the per dose quantity of Vit C (Ascorbic Acid) in the category of supplement, which are very low for any benefit to be derived, however, the extracts from natural sources are allowed to be included that complete the required dose. One such source is Amla (Phyllanthus Emblica)

        • Zinc goes very well with Vit C and enhances its efficacy

      It comes in various forms including Tablets, Chewable Tablets, Gummies, and Effervescent.

      Effervescent has emerged as a preferred choice as it can contain a large amount of multiple active ingredients, is highly bioavailable, and is tasty with zero added sugar.

      So when you pick up your vitamin C, know that it is the king of Vitamins that has benefits far beyond immunity.

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