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Savour The Goodness Of “Non-Alcoholic “Sweet Cider” – The Apple Cider Vinegar

by Rajesh Gotan

Alcoholic Ciders are produced all over the world for centuries and so is the case with “Apple Cider Vinegar” which is also popularly known as “Sweet Cider”.

While the former gives you a kick at the cost of your health but the latter gives you a kick of long-lasting health benefits.

Apple Cider Vinegar is popularly known as ACV.

It has been used for centuries due to the tremendous wide-ranging health benefits. In recent times, a lot of researches have been conducted and the pieces of scientific evidence have made it even more popular.

So what is ACV

Simply put – it is the fermented juice from crushed apples. It contains acetic acid and nutrients such as B vitamins and vitamin C.

Apple cider vinegar is popularly used in salad dressings and cooking. But it’s also been used traditionally as a medicine. It’s known for its ‘Weight Loss” benefits. 

However, the following are the lesser-known benefits in which it’s highly effective:

      • It helps in lowering blood sugar levels by changing how foods are absorbed from the gut

      • It helps in improving athletic performance

      • It helps in dissolving kidney stones

      • It helps in managing digestive issues

      • It helps in improving skin health

      • It helps in building immunity

    The majority of the benefits in ACV come from “the mother” in it. The filtered ones don’t have it therefore they do not offer full benefits – so look for the product label to buy the one with “The Mother”.

    What is “The Mother” in ACV?

    “The Mother” is a by-product produced during the making of ACV- they are yeast and bacteria. They appear cloudy, spongy, and stringy mass—they are full of probiotics, enzymes, and nutrients. The core ACV health benefits are due to the presence of “The Mother”.

    Till some time ago, ACV was available in liquid form only. But now it comes in form of Tablets, Capsules, Gummies, and Effervescent.

    The cons of liquid form were the unpleasant smell, taste and it also caused harm to the tooth enamel.

    With the advancement in science, it’s available in effervescent form.

    Effervescent is the best form due to its ability to contain a large amount of active multiple ingredients, being highly bio-available ensuring accuracy of dosage with a variety of flavours to choose from. Some come with additional ingredients like B6, B12 and Pomegranate Extract making them far more beneficial for health against the liquid ACV. They have 0 sugar and are palatable.

    It’s was consumed by gym-goers and people who were diabetic. However, given the increased awareness, its usage is growing due to the holistic health benefits it provides.

    Go ahead and pick up this “Sweet Cider” to make this wonder drink a part of daily intake to find the “New You”.

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