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Did You Know These Things About One Night Stand?

by Rajesh Gotan

I feel that the one night stand is a type of a sex which is surrounded by double standards and misinterpretations in many ways!

On one side, when we talk of society and culture, it is understood as unethical, wrongful and sluttish. On the other side, OTT, Cinema, TV Shows and books honor them as the supreme objective, particularly for young men. Therefore, as an outcome, we get a lot of confusing and mixed communication about it.

There are different types of standards and values put on one night stand for women than value we place on them for men. By culture and society, one night stands are considered inappropriate for women but they are considered cool and ultimate for men.

These are double standards and mixed communication and nothing else!

There is a lack of conversation on such topics and not many want to talk about it. Therefore, we get no proper clue about one night stands and there is a lot of story that gets lost between different narratives. 

“From a spiritual perspective every relationship we develop, from the most casual to the most intimate, serves the purpose of helping us to become more conscious.
Caroline Myss

As a solution to the lack of information, let’s try to know few common things about one night stands out of many.

Fear of Unknown is Always There

There is an anxiety built up as we have not known the person much. People have two side, with one, they walk out in open, and the other that gets exposed when there is a highly personal exposure like one night stand. Scare is a common flip side of thrill when you venture into something new.

There is Fascination of Learning a New Body

We all are unique human beings and there is no replica of anyone. Knowing a new and unique body is thrilling. With the new person some assumptions you made before having sex will become untrue as mysteries unfold when you come close.

Connections You Make are Real and Not a Dream

Yes, the one night stand is brief and is for one night. But that does not mean it is a mirage or is less real. They are just different. 

One Night Stand 

Caress and Cuddling Are a Part

We must realize that we are not machines. A one night stand does not mean that we have to just hit and quit. Cuddling and Caress is part of the equation and is generally reciprocated by each other. 

The Sex Encounter Could be Most Passionate

It is quite a liberal act when you sleep with someone you do not know. You come together to fulfil the sexual needs, which is the base line. And you want to get the best out of the moments as the purpose is so. You do not owe each other anything other than the fun night.  This liberation allows people to let loose and explore all their desires which you can’t do with a long term partner.

It Can Turn Bad Too

How people look and behave in world are just the indicators about themselves. They may not turn out to be so in reality. The acts like kissing and hugging can give you some clues, but there are chances of things turning out unpleasant or bad when you get down to actual act.

You May or May Not Catch the Feelings

At the end of the day, we are all humans. We are full of feelings and emotions. When you build a bond of body with someone, you can catch feelings.  Or if you find the person not meeting your expectations, you may just walk away with sex without expecting of feeling anything.


You May Miss Them Fondly

Whether it was great chemistry of personalities, common interest, emotional connection or wonderful sex. You might find that you miss the person more than you thought you would.  It a touching feeling which you may love to carry.

You May Develop a Relationship

Life and relationships follow their own course. There are so many people we would have heard telling that their casual date turned into a serious relationship – It’s not uncommon. You never know if you start liking each other ending up in marriage. Ask around and you will get to know many examples.

These are our thoughts about one night stand. We will be happy to hear yours!

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