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Single or Married | What is Better?

by Rajesh Gotan

Do you remain single or married? This question is far more prevalent than ever?

“Marriage is like watching the color of leaves in the fall; ever changing and more stunningly beautiful with each passing day.”
Fawn Weaver

In the recent time, there has been decline in marriages – in the US, the singles outnumber the married population. It’s not the case in US alone, we can see this change around the world. The outlook towards Marriage has changed, marriage has become an option and is no longer a necessity and people are increasingly opting for singlehood. The change is also taking place in rich cultures like India, where marriage holds very strong values in cultures and religions. 

The change is quite contrasting!

In past times, there was not any question like single or married? Marriage was considered a necessity to create a family and ensuring the financial security of both husband and wife. In many cultures, marriage gives individuals a social status and is considered essential to fulfil cultural and religious duties. 

So what are the underlying reasons for the change?

The vital ones include increased access of education and opportunities to women combined with economic and technological factors.

Though there is a change, but marriage still forms an important part in many countries, communities and cultures. It is seen as the best possible way for individuals to build a long-term and committed relationship.

So there was a rise in importance of marriage in the past and decline in recent years. This changes are reflective of evolving social and economic systems combined with changes in values and attitude.

Let’s get into both the sides a little deeper of being single or married.

 “A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” —Ruth Bell Graham

Reasons for Marrying

1. Having a Family

Having a family is a deep desire with many. Family gives happiness of raising children and provides a supportive and stable environment for raising a children. It also brings pleasure of togetherness and sense of belonging. Parents also see their children as their closest replica and this feeling is very joyful. 

2. Security and Companionship

Both the partners here work like a team and are with each other through thick and thin thereby providing emotional and financial security to each other. The spirit of being a team enables sense of belonging and builds security for each other.

3. Affection, Love and Intimacy

Love, affection and intimacy are very important for an individual for the emotional well-being. Many individuals consider them very important. They have fallen in love with someone and want to be with the person for the entire life.

4. Religion

Many cultures have spiritual beliefs about marriage to be a religious rite. People with religious bent find it as a very strong reason for marriage.

5. Social Construct

In many social systems and cultures, marriage is seen as a norm to establish oneself as an adult with maturity. There are marriages due to this reason even in the cases where there is no love or affection between the partners. 


Single people have their own journey & story

Reasons for Not Marrying

1. Quotient of Compatibility

All individuals are different. There can never be 100% compatibility between two individuals. If two individuals have different ambitions, interests, values and sexual incompatibility, they may not be able to build up a healthy relationship ever.

2. Life of Freedom

Marriage requires acceptance and compromises. It also needs great commitment of time, energy and resources to make it work. In the process, the entire autonomy and freedom gets compromised. This sacrifices may outweigh the benefits of marriage and preference of singlehood.

3. Relationship Problems

No relationships exists without challenges. They are inevitable. Marriage is no exception. If there are communication or trust issues, marriage is not likely to work and may make life worse for both the individuals. 

4. Expectations of Society and Family

Marriage is considered a vital part of life particularly by the older generation. There is a pressure from the society and family to get married. If the individual is not ready for marriage, this can be very stressful and very difficult to handle but as a result a revolt develops in many against marriage.

5. Financial Burden

Marriage in majority cultures is a very expensive affair. It may require moving into a new home and buying household goods. As an individual, even paying guest or a service apartment works, but for two, with plans of building a family, a proper household set up is required. The individuals may not find the cost of marriage worth if they are happy with the current situation.

At the end of the day, the purpose of the life is to be happy. An individual must to a proper self-examination to understand which path is going to be more fulfilling.

All individuals are different and in the evolving society and one is for being single or married. There is a larger level of acceptance.

But take your time. Do not just fall for the idea of marriage, assess the person for compatibility. And like wise about the choice of singlehood.

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