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Fall in Love All Over Again

by Rajesh Gotan

As social beings, we want to fall in love. The feeling of love is Euphoric. It takes you to a new world of joy and happiness.  Falling in love is easy, but sustaining love calls for good effort. Life throws new days with new challenges on us. Keeping up the same excitement and romance is not easy.

 However, trust, good understanding, healthy communication, honesty and intimacy can help keep the relationship strong. With effort, it is possible that the charm of love remains forever.  

Let’s understand few things that will help you fall in love, rediscover love and excitement. 

Add variation to Life

Things that become a part of the routine often lead to boredom. As a first step, it’s very important to break the monotony of the mundane routine. As partners, add creative and new activities to your everyday life. They could be very simple things. Going for swimming, picking up a sport, joining a dance class or planning a surprise night out. You will be surprised that you will make new discoveries about each other. You will find the company of each other exiting and that will help you revive you connection.   

Healthy Communication Should Never Cease

Frequent and healthy communication is the core for long-term healthy relationships. As humans, we all have our own flaws and expectations too. An honest regular communication can help resolve a lot of misunderstanding and issues. During communication, always listen properly. Respond to the concerns of your partner with empathy, which is very therapeutic for the relationship bonding. Healthy communication has the power to revive lost romance in your life.

“First best is falling in love. Second best is being in love. Least best is falling out of love. But any of it is better than never having been in love.”
Maya Angelou

Emotional Intimacy is Equally Important

In love, you do not fight, debate or argue to win. Forgiveness is a key here. It’s a very brave act and it demonstrates that you love your partner so much that you are willing to let go and forgive. Forgiveness is a part of emotional intimacy.  Others ways you can build emotional intimacy is by appreciating your partner for big or small things. And remember, compromise is part of any healthy relationship. Emotional intimacy also lowers risk of depression and promotes overall wellbeing among the couples.

Small Gestures Matter Big

Love makes our life worth living. And small gestures matter in love life. Spend quality time with each other. Holding hands, saying thank you, helping in daily chores, chit-chatting, cuddling in bed can do wonders. It’s an effort that will surely pay you off in terms of a long lasting bond of love.  


Intimacy is very important part of love life. Do not let your intimate life fall into a routine. Make good effort to change the routine to give your intimate connection a boost. Change the pattern too. Plan a surprise date. Behave like honeymooners. Do things you did when your relationship was hot and heavy. 

Let you relationship not loose spark. There is no single mantra to a happy and healthy love life. Every relationship comes with its own uniqueness. The only thing that works is the willingness and conscious effort from both the partners to sustain the spark of love forever.   We hope that the above tips will help you build the precious everlasting love! 

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