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Don’t Worry, ChatGPT Will Not Take Your Job

by Rajesh Gotan

ChatGPT – it’s a word that’s spreading like wildfire across the globe – the speed is something close to the Corona outbreak news in December, 2019.

It has been some time since ChatGPT was launched and it still in headlines. It makes everyone think it’s something real and ground breaking. Not alone the people, even the organization like Microsoft is thinking to take same path by investing billions on such a tool and apparently Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google has reached out to the Google co-founders.

Unless you are living off the grid, it’s impossible to miss the buzz of ChatGPT.  

Everywhere, there is an excitement as well as panic!

Even if you know about ChatGPT, let’s put in short what ChatGPT is?

ChatGPT is an AI driven Chatbot that has been trained using the data sets that enables it to give answers in real time that are correct and unique and it interacts with the users in an incredibly realistic way. It has capacity to reduce human effort and it delivers work with a mind boggling speed, be it writing a code, essay, social media post, white papers, agreement etc..

Yes, with the above capabilities, it should worry the humans and make them anxious.

But this sentiment is not new.  When mobile phones were launched, pagers became extinct, however, in no time mobile telephony and call centers grew and created huge job opportunities – the only difference was that people just switched to new industries with a new format of working. And such sentiments go back even to the time of Alexander Bell when he invented the telephone. People were worried if it will kill the art of writing, the telephone did not do it but email and other IT tools did it.

The prevailing anxiety around ChatGPT is not senseless and misplaced, but it will surely take a lot of time for tools like ChatGPT to evolve and take over the human jobs and the current generation may not be affected by it. Even the organization (OpenAPI), who developed ChatGPT says that ChatGPT cannot replace the humans.

Let’s look at some of the key roles and the impact of ChatGPT on them:

Code Developers

It is really interesting. A coded machine writes code. Yes, the basic level of code development can be done by ChatGPT, however, it cannot write complex codes. ChatGPT can write “Hi, India” in HTML, but it cannot take up complex development, as per industry experts, ChatGPT is way off from writing difficult applications. But ChatGPT certainly raises a bar for entry level jobs and makes it difficult for junior level developers to find positions. As ChatGPT and similar tools evolve, they will start to take over boilerplate codes like quality assessment, debugging, generic functions and existing codes. This in turn will reduce load on human developers and they can focus on complex architecture and applications. There will be emergence of new positions like code prompt executers, developer advocates etc..

With the above context, it’s needless to mention that growth of technology is exponential and when one career door closes, a lot many others open up.  Adaptability and learning mind-set have a play a crucial role here.

Content Writers

This area concerns me as well as a blogger and writer. Here only creativity provides some kind of a shield to writers, but what about non-creative writers – whitepapers, journalism, yes, ChatGPT is a worry in such fields. However, AI systems like ChatGPT are trained and they do not have access to latest events, which makes them non-workable for current news and new developments.

And the most important part is AI based tool cannot build empathy and connection like a living person.   Style, nuance, voice and emotion matter in creative work including field like journalism.

Like in case of programmers, repetitive jobs like writing synopses, run of the mill advertisement campaign will be taken over by ChatGPT and others like it. But replacing the humans is entirely far off.   


In education, intangibles are more important than tangibles. And every student has his own way to learn which a human educator can understand and adapt to an approach suited to the student, which is a personalized training plan that machine cannot create. Also, a machine cannot replace human intangible attributes like friendliness, patience, empathy, discipline, skills and the real concern for the well-being of students. In the present scenario as well, there are abundance of resources with pre-recorded lessons by best educators, but still educators are required. Therefore, it looks inconceivable that ChatGPT or any other such tool will be able to replace educators.

SEO Professionals

In SEO, there are continual changes. The only thing that is constant is the change. ChatGPT or the likes of it are already being used by some professionals in the industry for keyword research, reporting, strategy and content development. However, it does not mean that it’s going to take you job. Howsoever powerful the AI may become, they can’t have the creative abilities on mental kinks of a human.  Also, AI systems are limited to the sets of data they are trained on, they cannot cover the recent events. Let’s also note that Google considers AI generated content against their guidelines, with this, no business would like to take a risk of getting red flagged as spam. AI driven SEO’s will always struggle to reconcile whenever a conflict arises and determine what is correct or accurate. In  any case, in the coming future as well, humans will be required to supervise AI driven SEO efforts, providing direction, creative inputs and making adjustments based on varying search patterns.

Sales People

Adoption of Big Data and AI is already on rise to develop robust sales processes. From target segmentation, behavioural predictions, deal analysis and forecasting, AI has power to make sales more efficient.

However, sales is about trust. And the trusts starts with building personal relationships, which AI can never replace.

B2B Sales people will be hardly impacted.  In B2C, the AI is already being adopted and we see CRM tools and Chatbots embedded in websites, which has made the information collection and analysis easier to reshape the sales processes but it can never replace human interactions.

We covered some roles above, and there are many more like Attorneys, Digital Marketers, Customer, Service Representatives, Finance Professionals etc..

The take is that ChatGPT has power to reshape majority of the roles but by no way it can replace humans. AI is being talked about since 2000 and knowingly or unknowing we have embraced it. Be it Alexa, E-shopping, e-Games, Chatbots, Biometric devices, Surveillance devices and so on so forth. They have only made our lives better and more job opportunities to emerge. 

For now, we can relax and just look forward to embracing the change and evolve ourselves to stay with ever changing times.  

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Samridhi K. Aryan February 24, 2023 - 11:25 am

ChatGPT is a revolution but has its own pros and cons…What do you think rajesh?

Author Rajesh Gotan
Rajesh Gotan February 24, 2023 - 12:17 pm

You are right Samridhi. ChatGPT and the likes have their own pros and cons. We see chatGPT as a revolution because it came for use in open. However, AI has been advancing for quite sometime. I personally feel that AI will assist humans and can not replace them. We will have to learn to leverage such tools. Also, the mainstreaming of tools like ChatGPT is few years away. It looks amazing initially, but when you start using it, you get to see the flaws. I also feel some strict rules will also emerge soon to prevent negative use. Thanks and regards, Rajesh Gotan


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