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Make Your Mark with Corporate Dressing Essentials

by Rajesh Gotan

We all give great importance to the dresses we chose and wear in our office. We all want to feel good and create our impression amongst the people we work with. There are always few people in every office who get loads of compliments about the way the carry themselves – yes, they dress well and they know but also they knowingly or unknowing pay good attention to the other corporate dressing essentials that other people miss onto.

Let’s take a meticulous look on such corporate dressing essentials:


“Good Shoes Will take you good Places”- Sio Min Hyun

Shoes are essential and vital part of the corporate dressing. They can be noticed from a distance. They can make or break your dressing style – Shoes are affective and emotive. Choose the right pair that goes with your dress. The pair should be either in contrast or in harmony. However, contrast should not be loud. A pair of black shoes always goes with most of the dresses. But different combinations of suits and shoes add a power punch to your dresses. For the casual corporate days, you may choose a sports or a casual pair of shoes and team it well with your dress.

2. Accessories

While you have finest and trendy corporate outfits, accessories play a very important role in uplifting the entire look.  You can add power to your dress up with proper accessories. The important list of accessories include: 

– Belt 

– Watch 

– Pen

– Cuff links 

– Necklace 

– Earrings

Watches top the list of Global Accessories for both men and women. Add varieties of Watches and you will never repent investment in a good watch – the value of a watch appreciates over a period of time and the good ones last the life time.

A watch of steel strap with white dial goes with all and can add a formal finish to the suit you wear, while a brown leather strap sport watch may go well with Chinos and Lenin.

 Cuff links, Belt, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets – they complete the dressing and the good ones become your life time companion. 

Accessories create a powerful mark. Invest in them!

Same is the case with Pen, which can be considered as an extension of accessories list. Add good collection of it. Though not a part of your dress, but when you wield it on your pocket or put it on the desk, it is also very noticeable.

3. Personal Grooming

Even if you dress yourself the best, if you do not groom yourself well, you will not be able to make a good business appearance.

Make sure you have clean haircut, well-manicured hands and you smell good.

4. Bulging Pockets Are a Big No 

There may be a need to carry things to office but bulging pockets disrupt the professional look – they give a lousy sense of an appearance.  Loose change, wallets and mobile phones, when you put them in pocket, they make your clothing go out of shape. They also make your clothes become dirty and wear your pockets out very quickly. Keep these things in your bag or a locker.

At the end of the day, we all want to look our best. By following these small things, we can walk into each work day with great feeling and confidence.

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