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Get to Know How AI Will Transform the Education

by Rajesh Gotan

The type of buzz AI based ChatGPT has created, no other technology has created in past two decades. The excitement and anxiousness do not seem to die soon. The ChatGPT server often runs out of capacity the user baser is growing exponentially. The AI in education and technology will intervene and transform potentially all sectors and industry.

Yes, inevitably, as the AI tools like ChatGPT and the likes mature, will be mainstreamed in education to transform things radically and rapidly.

Some of the most logical scenario’s that are likely to emerge are as follows:

  • The young students today have access to their own smart phone and they have the entire information of the world in their pocket, in the same way, they will have their own AI assistants. The assistants will be attuned to the deliver as per the format best suited by the student.
  • Students will have to be more inquisitive and they need to ask questions and define problems in order to get right answers from AI. 
  • The AI systems will provide detailed and in-depth analytics based performance of each student.
  • Education will become much more enriching when AI gets integrated with Virtual Reality, Chatbots, Learning Management System and Robots.  
  • The teachers may not be called teachers in future, there role will transform drastically. Teachers will have to learn to work with AI in teaching and delivering personalized students learning. In order to use AI, teachers will need to have good data literacy, possess high level of analytical skills to define personalized learning journey of every student. 
“Technology will never replace great teachers, but in the hands of great teachers, it’s transformational.”
George Couros
  • Teachers will be able to focus building high engagement with students as the administrative work and paperwork processes will be automated. Right from admissions to grading of students, AI will help by saving time and effort.
  • Personalized learning will be possible at a very large scale
  • While the quality of the education will grow multi-folds, the student to teacher’s ratio will get highly squeezed.
  • AI will accelerate the digital divide gap. Education sector already has huge inequality, which will increase further.  The digital divide impact will be much more in developing countries. 
  • The advancement of AI will pose threat of unfair means getting adopted by students, which will lead to development of much evolved surveillance supervisions systems. 
  • The AI systems will use data from all over the world. Which will result in standardization and levelling up of the education across the geographies.
It will take a while before we get to see the above changes. Currently there is feeling of “wow” after ChatGPT 3 was launched, which will take it’s time to reach the state of usability.   

Education is a very sensitive field and is the backbone of the human-race, while we embrace this change brought by AI, we will have to be watchful to ensure that humans do not develop total reliance on machines affecting the other areas of life that make us feel alive.

Above are our thoughts about the impact of AI in education. We will be glad to hear yours!  



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