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Breaking Myths of Artificial Intelligence

by Rajesh Gotan

Artificial Intelligence is no less than a celebrity amongst all the technologies. It is one of the most talked about areas in the recent times. Artificial Intelligence has application in virtually every field.

However, there are few myths associated with it which are as follows:

Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Humans

Whenever there is an automation, the fear of mass job loss arises. This fear has been there for ages. However, with automation, the standard of living of the society always goes up with the economic growth and it has always opened up new areas of jobs. Automation increases productivity and it always creates new industries and jobs.

So is the case with Artificial Intelligence. Currently AI focuses on narrow tasks. It does not address the problems of the entire eco-system. For interlinked tasks, there will always be requirement of human intervention to connect the dots. For example, in credit access to individuals and businesses,  AI is used for credit decisions, which has really enhanced the credit access in the industry, while human intervention has reduced significantly in credit decision making, but it has created huge job opportunities for getting new customers.

Artificial Intelligence Systems are Unjust

At the end of the day, the Artificial Intelligence system are built, tested and deployed by humans. Such systems may not cover all the scenarios of decision making and may not be fair to vulnerable group of target audiences. AI systems just mimic the behaviour of human decision maker.  For example, for the wealth assessment of the businesses or individuals, AI relies on the set of defined data, however, for some vulnerable set of businesses and individuals, the defined documents are not available. Hence such group, despite being qualified, are left out. Therefore, it’s the flaw in human design which is making the system unjust.

“There is no reason and no way that a human mind can keep up with an artificial intelligence machine by 2035”
Gray Scott

Artificial Intelligence is Nearing the Human Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is meeting or exceeding human capabilities in many areas. But it remains confined and frail. The systems miss the angle of creativity which is unique to humans. AI systems are good at generating music tunes on the fly or handling any other complex task of such nature.  But they miss on the elements of innovation and creativity.

For example, they cannot generate realistic dialogues for the movies or write speech connecting with audiences. The system can just perform on similar patterns.

Artificial intelligence is a Power today but can be a problem tomorrow

Artificial intelligence is a Power today but can be a problem tomorrow

Artificial Intelligence Totally Depends on The Data Feed

There are four building blocks of an Artificial Intelligence System innovation. The data, algorithms, hardware systems and humans. Data is the key building block, however, no data is perfect. The data imperfections include the inadequate volume, poor quality and the lack of balance. However, it is possible to overcome these shortcomings through techniques like careful formulation of problem, targeted sampling, synthetic data and through building constraints into the system. 

Artificial Intelligence System is a Mysterious Appliance and is Non-Explainable

Some AI systems can be explained very easily. For example, a program of face recognition can be explained very easily in comparison to disease detection system that uses numerous algorithms and huge data set. However, the role of  AI is to solve the problem at hand and explainability is a rich area of research. Explanations for human decisions may not reflect their influencing factors or unconscious bias. All decisions made by AI System are not fully explainable, but we may be able to understand how they make decision in general and how they are better than the decisions made by humans.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning are the Same Thing

Artificial Intelligence definitions varies from person to person and context to context. There is no widely agreed upon definition. On a surface level, it’s a stream of science that makes things smart. Machine Learning is a sub filed of AI which has fuelled the advancement of Artificial Intelligence. It deals with recognising the patterns from examples, rather than with designed or programmed with specific rules. Deep learning is based on neural network technology, it is an algorithm which is inspired by human brain. Which helps in recognising very complex patterns like human emotions like fear, anger, pride ego etc.


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