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The Power of Failures to Build a Better You

by Rajesh Gotan

Everyone wants to succeed in everything. We don’t understand the power of failures; that’s how we are designed. 

However, life is under no obligation to meet our expectations and failures are an inevitable part of life. 

There is hardly any life which has not seen failures – some go through small ones and some through big ones. 

The failures surround us all where – personal life, family, job, entrepreneurial journey etc..

We see the examples of great people all around us – Steve Jobs, J.K Rowling, Thomas Edison, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Stephen King, Walt Disney, Narayan Murthy and so on so forth – they all had their series of failures before they became successful!

There is no solid success without series of failures!

The failures have a magical transformational power. Let’s understand how they transform.  

Failure Makes You Creative

You understand that reaching a goal is the most important aspect and means are a process of discovery. It makes you to think out of box and fine tune your approach on regular basis till you find the most appropriate one. It breeds the element of creativity which becomes an integral part of your approach. You always look at alternative ideas and constantly monitor your results. You will be able to detect early warning signals will learn to make correction in your approach to avoid failures.

Failure Leads to Self-Examination and Character Building 

Failure is failing to achieve what you aspire for. During the process of implementation of your plans, you may make a lot of mistakes. The mistakes are due to character traits, self-knowledge and the environment. 

When the Power of Failures is significant, then you are forced to do the self-examination thereby knowing our true self for positives and negatives. You also learn about the areas where we were less knowledgeable about ourselves and our profession.  

If you met success, you would not have cared about these flaws or shortcomings. The failures force you to take a deep dive and acknowledge these things and work on them – they prepare you better with a better you to start afresh.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”
Robert F. Kennedy

Failure Builds Resilience

Thomas Alva Edison is one of the most known inventors of our lifetime. There are 1093 patents under his name. His light bulb invention took a lot of attempts before he succeeded, it was nothing but the power of determination in him.

When you fail, you learn not to quit. You will learn pervasiveness and resilience. 

You will know that there is no progress without taking risks therefore you will allow yourself and your teams to take prudent risks knowing that there may be a failure – you will allow yourself and your team to take best risks.

Power of failure, results in Success

Failure Makes You Compassionate

You will know that even brilliant of minds and greatest ideas may fail. This realization makes you humble, practical and compassionate. You will be able to relate to the journey of people who failed – you will develop sense of attachment towards them and will laugh with them over your failures and understand the Power of Failures.  You will never let down and make fun of people who have failed.

Summing Up

In life, there are failures which make the life worth living. If you do not want to fail then you will live a life full of cautions and fears – no one wants to live such a life and you will fail by default.

There is no alternative to failures.  By learning from failures, you will take intelligent risks that improve your chances of success.

Do not be scared of taking new steps, if they are backed with careful analysis and evaluation.

In your road to success, failures become your great asset.

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