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How to Make Yourself Deliver More Productivity With Self Management

by Rajesh Gotan

As humans, we all have our days when we do not want to work much and without self management we tend to push the things for future. But when we do so, we get into guilt, pressure and anxiety, it impacts our health too.

Dilly-dallying is the art of living in past and avoiding present.

Procrastination steels you time – time lost can never be recovered 

If lack of productivity and distraction are a problem with you.

Below are Some Time Tested Tips to Help You Deliver More Productivity   

    One Thing at a Time

    We all want to deliver more productivity. And taking many tasks at one go can be tempting when the tasks look small and manageable. Such practice does not work and makes you much more stressful with less productivity. With the help of Self management skills you can Divide your tasks as “Urgent”, “Important” and “Urgent and Important”. This will help you make the priority list of the tasks. Move to the next task when the previous task is done. 

    “Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”
    Paul J.

      Take Frequent Short Breaks

      When you work for longer period, your efficiency becomes low. It can hamper your productivity by slowing you down. Avoid working for longer periods at a stretch. Take a short break – listening to music, short walk, chit chat or just closing your eyes and relaxing.

        Break Your Work into Small Pieces

        It is true that for any aspiring goal, there is long path. This can overwhelm you. It is very important to break your bigger tasks into smaller ones that easy to complete. For example, if you want to write a book, define chapters and estimated word limit of each chapter. Define a word limit for each day. Once you achieve you daily task, each passing day will make you much stronger, determined and motivated to try more and more challenging tasks.

          Establish SMART Goals

          We all have heard about SMART goals and techniques to drive productivity for meeting objectives. While setting goals, ensure that they are:

              • Specific

              • Measurable

              • Achievable

              • Realistic (and result oriented)

              • Time-bound

            Live in Present and Plan for Future

            Planning is a task but it’s worth to take it up to deliver more productivity. Planning makes you feel that you are in control of the things – whenever there is a deviation, you will apply corrective measures. Make an overall plan and also make a daily plan. After you have planned, just calmly focus on your present tasks. Live in Present and Plan for Future – studies have found that once you strike this fine balance, you will be less stressed and will not have negativity. The mind with is not stressed or negative always brings out more productivity.

            Gimmick Your Brain

            Force yourself to work for five or ten minutes more. Tell yourself that you will quit your task after that if you feel so. You will realize when the set time is over, you would be free of many reasons that stopped you from starting the work and you are likely to carry on with your work.

                You must keep in mind, to deliver more productivity with self-management, you should always have a positive outlook. A negative outlook always brings down the productivity.

                Yes, things will not always go your way and it’s a part of the process. But a well-made plan and a composed state of mind can help you overcome all difficult situations.

                Don’t be afraid of failures. The-power-of-failure

                 All the very best for shaping up a “Productive You”.

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