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26 Powerful Life Skills That Never Become Extinct

by Rajesh Gotan

All over the world, great emphasis is given to Academia. We directly relate it to our chances of success – to create wealth, fame and position in the society. All around us, we see Grades, Percentages and Scores. However, we all have seen exceptions around us where people have touched great heights without having a proper academia. If we closely observe, in most of the cases we find that such people had some “Specific Skills” and “Great Life Skills”.

“Academia may fail very often, but specific and life skills work”
Rajesh Gotan

Let’s have a look 26 key skills that have a power to make a difference in anyone’s life.

  1. Be able to communicate openly what you feel and think
  2. Be able to speak less and meaningfully
  3. Be able to listen more and learn from others
  4. Be able to sell
  5. Be able to negotiate
  6. Be able to let go
  7. Be able to forgive
  8. Be able to manage the time and live disciplined life
  9. Be able to stay optimistic and positive in all situations of adversity  
  10. Be able to try again and again and never give up despite repeated failures
  11. Be able to identify areas to make investment on your own rather than depending on someone else’s money
  12. Be able to follow the schedule in any situation
  13. Be able to do a self-examination to identify and overcome character defects and shortcomings
  14. Be able to unlearn and learn
  15. Be able to be empathetic towards others
  16. Be able to maintain consistency   
  17. Be able to reach out for help when you need it
  18. Be able to write to persuade and influence others for the betterment of their life  
  19. Be able to decide on data and facts and not on emotions
  20. Be able to take risk by coming out of your comfort zone
  21. Be able to create a process by breaking It into small elements 
  22. Be able to read more to acquire knowledge 
  23. Be able to overcome obstacles through adaption and determination
  24. Be able to speak in front of a large audience
  25. Be able to control and manage your thoughts
  26. Be able to live in present and enjoy every bit of it

Irrespective of any field, function or role, the above life skills have a great power to make a difference in your life. When you closely observe the great people, you will find them having many of the above as their dominant skills. However, no one is born with all these skills and everyone cannot have all the skills.

If you are able to understand the importance of above skills, you can develop them over a period of time. 

In order to create a better world, we need to create better citizens – the skills are not only about success, they are about humility as well.

The field of Academia is also realizing the importance of life skills and making them as a part of the curriculum.   

The changes are being seen and we are moving beyond academics.

We hope to see a better world for all of us

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