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How to Adopt and Be Joyous with Minimalist Lifestyle?

by Rajesh Gotan

There is nothing new about Minimalist living. Great people in all ages and around the world have advocated of Simple Living. It is about getting rid of, to put it in a simple say, the clutter around you. Buddhists, for example, tend to avoid material possessions. This is the practice of Minimalist Living they have been following since ages.

It is about realization that less is really more. Minimalist Living gained momentum in 20th Century. The artists were the forerunners in adopting the idea followed by writers, photographers and architects who embraced it too. So it all began in the world of Art.

Now the practice of Minimalist Lifestyle is catching up fast. People are realizing you do not need more and more to be happy.

Let’s Know What Minimalist Living is and It’s Benefits

What is Minimalist Living?

There is no single definition of Minimalist Living or Simple Living and it varies from person to person. However, what is widely agreed upon is Minimalists share a common goal – A Minimalist focuses on what really matters. They come to realize that a lot of possessions are not required and they do not make them happy.  However, it’s not only about possessions and objects alone.

It’s a deliberate choice to live with less. It goes beyond objects to include family, social and professional lives. The idea is to free yourself as much as possible to enjoy the things you enjoy doing along with people you love being around with.

“There are two ways to be rich: One is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little.”
Jackie French Koller, 1948

What are the Benefits of Minimalist Living?

Time Saving

When you reduce the clutter of the possessions you do not need,   you will spend less time in cleaning and organising things and you will have more time with you do spend time with people you like and things you like doing. Also, it is a proven fact the removal of clutter results in increase of focus and reduction of stress. Clutter increases the cortisol level in body that raises stress levels. So freeing up the clutter will free your mind as well.

Financial Benefits

Once you adopt Minimalist Living approach, you will be very critical about your purchases. You will not spend money just because you have it in your bank account. You will be able to differentiate between what you want versus what you need.  A quotient of wellness is created when you get more joy from saving than spending

How to get started with Minimalist Living?

The first step you need to take is to get into an assessment mode for the objects and people around you. For objects, you should ask yourself the following questions:

      • Do I use it?

      • Do I like or love it?

      • Do I need it?

    If you do not find a passion or purpose attached with the object, it actually is not required in your life. However, it’s not an overnight job to start applying it. First start applying it on small things. Gradually you will get used to this method. If required, make a list of pros and cons of possessing an object. If unclear, put the decision on hold till you get a clarity.

    Objects are one part, what matter most is the people around you. You should choose the company of people who care for you, encourage you, support you, make you laugh and challenge you to grow. Do away with the people who influence your life in a negative way. If you can’t avoid a person – may be a family member. Refrain from being physically present. Avoid getting into an argument or drama with such a person.

    What is the List for Minimalist Living?

    There are few things that are required by every human being like food, shelter, bedding, however, the list is different for different people. A Violinist needs to have a Violin as an essential item in the checklist, others do not need it.  So one size does not fit everyone. The underlying idea is to keep asking yourself whether you want the object or need it.

    What is More to It?

    Look at your daily calendar and see the things that you do that you actually do not need to. If you look at news on your phone few times a day, there is no need for you to tune up to the news channel on your TV.  Are you engaging with the people in office cafeteria who are not required in your life? Make a list of your daily activities and routine and figure out what is not required, it’s the bigger form of clutter and junk in comparison to the objects. Make a list and schedule to follow to lighten up your life.

    Minimalist Living is an internal as well as external process. Make a list keeping in mind what you want to achieve and start checking off that list. Review your routines to modify parts to lighten up your load.

    Do not say yes to everything to avoid guilt. Learn to say no to avoid things that load up your life.   Say yes to things you want to do or have to do. Like in office, some meetings and tasks cannot be avoided, even if you do not like them as they may cost you your job. However, learn to prioritize things that are in your control.

    The idea of Minimalistic Living is simplification of life. As you move forward with this approach, you will feel much better with your life and be more joyous. 

    minimum lifestyle

     “Less is more.” -Mies Van Der Rohe, 1886.

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