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7 Tips to Build a Happy Marriage

by Rajesh Gotan

The wedding excites everyone. It is one of the major events of life and the prospects of spending good life with our partner surround us. We day dream and are in a different world.  And be in a Happy Marriage forever.

We ignore the practicalities of real life and forget that we need to make a happy marriage. Sharing your life with another person is not easy unless we have had a lot of experiences of relationship. Building happy marriage takes work, commitment and love. Mutual respect is vital factor in making the relationship work on long term basis. Below are the “Tips” to work and make a happy marriage.

  1. Show gratitude

Acknowledge and appreciate each other. Thank your partner to be part of the long journey of life. Do these things often. Appreciate each other even for small things you do for each other like cooking a meal, a fun day out, taking care of children. You should at least express your gratitude once in a day.

happy marriage

  1. Communicate frequently and openly

Getting into regular dialogue with your spouse is the best way to keep you marriage in good shape. Be candid in your communication, but be respectful and kind. Do not use harsh or blunt expressions. Most importantly, give a good listening ear to your partner. It is the form of a respect that you offer to your partner.

  1. Take out exclusive time as a couple

After the honeymoon period, we get involved in work, social and family responsibilities. The romance takes a back seat. Plan out your date together be exclusively focus on each other. Once you have children, send them out for some activity and spend your time as a couple together at home. On special occasions, plan special dates.

“A great marriage is not when the perfect couple’ comes together, It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”
Dave Meurer

  1. Give time to yourself

It is very important to give time to yourself to pursue your hobbies, hanging out with friends or just chilling out alone. This will help you to recharge yourself and avoid relationship burn out. Do whatever you find enriching. Once you are back with your spouse, you will appreciate each other more.

  1. It is Ok to be in disagreement

We all are different personalities. It is impossible to be in agreement for everything. And it is ok to be in disagreement. However, it is important to be fair and respectful during disagreements. Do not walk away in in anger or raise your voice when in disagreement. Do not get frustrated also. In such situations, give yourself a break, may be go for a walk and think with a cool head. Once you attain a better state of mind, talk again and resolve your disagreements amicably and peacefully. Listening is the key here. Do not be in haste to respond else you will miss the point of view of your spouse.

  1. Building Trust

Do not be defensive and avoid criticism. Do not devalue or disrespect each other. Do not refuse answers and do not be evasive. Such things will bring in trust deficit and the damage will be irreparable. Avoid destructive activities which are a sure shot way to divorce. Couples can have disagreements and fights, but they need not be hostile. Take responsibility of your actions which will allow quick make up and repair of the relationship.

  1. Let go and forgive

Do not hold on to things. Learn the power of letting go and forgiveness. Never bring in the past in the discussions. Just move on. Your spouse will know that you value her much more than shortcomings and mistakes. This will demonstrate your commitment level and hence the increase in confidence about the relationship of it being not so fragile.   

Marriage takes effort. By keeping above advices in mind, a couple can build a fulfilling bond and a happy marriage!

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