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There are No Unethical Sales Numbers

by Rajesh Gotan

“Numbers are just numbers, there are no unethical sales numbers”

Ajay was the top performer in entire company. His performance was beating the nearest competitor by miles. People were envious of him as he was the blue eyed boy of the management and maintained high standard of living out of the incentives that he was making which were many folds of his salary. He wore best brands, moved around in well maintained sedan and was fond of shades which he had in dozens. Everything he possessed was of extremely high quality which did not miss the notice and compliments of even the top managers and directors of the company.

He was a late comer in office, he never showed up before 10:30 a.m. and the office started at 9 a.m. But no one had guts to raise fingers on him as his sales numbers were so high that even his reporting manager never made an issue of his late coming. He hardly discussed about his work with anyone, he kept most of his things secret with everyone including his reporting manager. With 3 years of career, he had progressed well enough giving complex to anyone having triple the work experience of what he had.

He hardly made his peers friend and always acted professional but had uncanny art of building rapport with the top brass of the office. Many girls in the office made advances on him but he never allowed them to become free with him.

He was mostly on the phone talking in a low voice inaudible to anyone and always used ear phone to talk. While working on the laptop, he never made his screen visible to anyone and whenever he left his desk, he always locked up the machine with the password. On client meetings, he always carried his laptop with him even if he did not require it. His style made him look more like a secret agent and not a sales man.  His always replied to the greetings made to him by anyone though a smile and never greeted in return.  However, he greeted and conversed very well with the top brass of the organisation and most of the times he had one to one conversation with people of influence in their cabins.

He always remained calm, quiet and busy in his own world. Occasionally he was seen playing Sudoku and Cross word on his machine. That was the only time he made his screen visible to anyone. 

There were two exceptions in office showing different attitude to Ajay- Sonia, the Executive Assistant of the VP-Sales, who issued directions to Ajay (of his boss or about official matters)  like a boss and threw big attitude on him. He followed all her directions and he wore a totally different attitude with Sonia. Sonia was tall, slim and beautiful with big eyes. She was in her early twenties but could give run for money to many when it came to assertive and aggressive communication. She always carried a Star Bucks steel thermal flask with her.  Another thing she always used frequently was the hand sanitizer. Her big colored nails did not add to her beauty but the shape in which they were filed made them look scary.

The other exception was Debasish, the head of Pre-sales who also had additional charge of IT. He was always on the top of his voice and angry due to non-compliance by sales team of the defined processes. He was most angry on Ajay as he had the maximum non-compliance.  Passing comments to Ajay in front of the boss or round of allegations in review and sales meetings was a routine.  In the previous week sales forecast meeting Debasish shouted that Ajay’s most of the sales booked by Ajay never reflected in the sales forecast report “My all sales forecast goes haywire because of him”. And I don’t know how come more than 40% of the cases in the region are with him. He told the VP sales that he was getting scolded by the CEO on such deviation. The VP Sales had grin on his face and said it’s a good problem to have. However, he nudged Ajay to complete his reports on time so that such issues don’t surface in future, to which Ajay gave a nod of acceptance, like always, which he never followed.   

Harish was at the same level as Ajay but had 7 years of experience and he delivered performance levels that could just help him retain his job. He followed ethics and always was against unethical sales numbers. He always looked fatigued. He wondered what lacked in him. He was one of the most hardworking, punctual, and disciplined employee. Last year only he purchased a second hand small AC car given the high temperature summers of NCR which was intolerable to move around for sales calls. On which also he had to raise employee loan from the company.

Harish aspired to be like Ajay. And he tried in past to talk to him and understand his way of working that yielded such high results. Ajay just used to smile at him and give generic answers. One day, he told him to do “hanuman chalisha” after waking up and all will be fine. Which Harish followed diligently for 60 days but saw no progress in his performance. He knew that Ajay was too smart to part off with his secrets that made him so successful. The last quarter results were declared, this time also the same story repeated, Ajay topped the national chart, and Harish met 60% of his target that was just good enough to save his job. He knew that he would get no incentives and increment.

It is always a very light week after the financial closure for the sales team, Harish took an opportunity to visit his cousin Mridul in Mumbai with his family who had returned from US. He studied Human Behavior and Psychology in US and after which he worked for a renowned business consulting firm and left it after two years and became a business coach in which he earned a lot of name, fame and money.

Harish with his family reached Mumbai at 10:00 a.m. He lived in East Delhi and the entire family had to get up at 4:30 a.m. After landing, he made a call to Mridul, who welcomed him in Mumbai and told that his driver would meet him at the exit gate with the PLA CARD of his name.

Harish and his family stepped out of the airport and spotted the driver with the PLA card, Harish with his family sat in the car which was shining black color E-Class Merc. Harish and his family never sat in such a luxury car.  Driver helped put the luggage in the boot and opened door for Mrs. Harish and his two sons in the back passenger seat. Driver opened the front passenger seat door for Harish. Harish felt elated and felt like a CEO.

He reached the house of Mridul that he purchased through his earnings abroad. The apartment was of 4000 sq feet and there were two guest rooms that were given to Harish and his family. Every space in house and thing in house matched the standard of a seven star hotel. Mridul’s parents welcomed them and told that Mridual went out to his nearby office that he has recently set up in Mumbai and will be back in half an hour. Meanwhile, they instructed the servant to cook to take care of Harish and his family. Harish and family freshened up and showed up in the drawing room where they saw huge varieties of snacks and beverages. There rang the bell, the door was opened by the servant; Mridul entered the house and greeted everybody. Mridul’s appearance had transformed and his accent was loaded. His attire and the way he carried himself resembled the top stylish leaders of corporate.

They had chit chat. Mridul told the family to take rest and then he will take them out for lunch followed by visit to key tourist attractions in Mumbai and planned to be back home for dinner.

The day went great; Mridul drove the car himself around Mumbai and showed around places after having lunch in Taj. They returned home at 8:00 p.m.

Harish was getting eager to know about reasons of success of Mridul, who belonged to the middle class family like him and he also wanted to discuss his professional challenges with him.

Mridul offered Harish drinks, Harish was an occasional drinker and he always drank while on tour as his wife did not like it. However, given what the good experience his wife had today Harish gathered courage to go and seek permission from her which to his surprise was granted with a warning of limiting him to two or three drinks.

Harish and Mridul sat in the balcony, the servant was master and in putting everything in order for drinks. Harish was asked his choice of drinks, and he opted for scotch and Mridul served himself with single malt with just few cubes of ice. The snacks were served in plenty.

Harish was at ease after first drink and he complimented Mridul for his outstanding success. Mridul with all modesty replied that he was just there at the right place at the right time and he pursued something in which he had knack and passion, therefore everything started flowing his way. He told that from childhood he could judge people and situations well and accordingly deal with it properly. My studies in psychology and human behavior further sharpened my skills. And I learn that business was all based on people. After learning the business basics in the consulting firm, I became a business coach where majority of my focus was on people. People are the most important ingredient of a successful business recipe. When you pursue your heart and passion, then you don’t have to work even a single day and money flows on its own.

Harish said that he could never be a successful sales man despite having passed out from one of the best B- Schools. He told about all his challenges to Mridul and also discussed a great deal about Ajay with him.

Mridul heard him patiently without interrupting him even once. And he gave a one liner response that “you can only see what he is doing while he is in office”. “Meaning what”, said Harish.

Mridul came in his avatar who was master of reading people and situations. He sipped his whisky and gazed in eyes of Harish for 10 second; it was a long enough gaze and pause for Harish to understand that Mridul knew the situations and had possible answers for it. Harish left his glass on whisky on the table, brought his chair near to Mridul and leaned forward that clearly indicated his full mode of receptivity of what Mridul had to say.

Mridul knew that Harish was in the software firm that sold B2B solutions. There were various modules of the software; however, the purpose for which they are bought by an enterprise is to either save on the manpower cost, or to increase business. Majority of the organizations opting for such solution feel need for it to ensure business viability after they achieve a scale. Mridul explained this point very well to Harish, which he understood and agreed to. The second thing that Mridul told that like you’re there are handful of the companies making such solutions and the investment of solution building is quite high and the buyer does not have more than 3 to 4 options. The features are here and there but majority needs are to be met by every supplier like your organization in order to survive in the market. And yes, it’s the role of the product manager to bring out new features, but that too is short lasting as everything gets copied. There are very few companies like Apple who led the innovation race and demanded high price for their products, else it’s a price game everywhere. Harish understood and agreed to this point as well.

Mridul went on with his download to Mridul and said that he would tell few key possible points of dream like success that continues for 3 years for Ajay. But before that you must know that ups and downs in sales performance are a part of even the best sales people. And best sales people become best by way of their hard work, discipline, passion, continued learning and knack of sales. And they consistently grow up in the ladder and the best ones with bit of a knack and grooming become the CEO’s of the company as sales remains the main sustaining factor for any organization and learning supervising skills for other functions is definitely possible with people with zeal to grow and learn.

There is much more to Ajay than a good sales man. He must be having easy sources for enquiries that come into your organization, the control on pricing to beat competition and the way he manages/lures his customers.

Ajay instantly nodded his head saying that Ajay has around 40% of the enquiries but the boss always applauded him of this trait of building a very good industry network. Mridul laughed, and said, do you think a person with 3 years of experience will have a bigger network than a person with 7 years of experience and what extraordinary he does to build the network. Your business is B2B and the key source of enquiries is the buyers reaching you out directly along with the other qualifying players that are few in numbers. On pricing, go and check out, most of the companies in the league of your organization are listed and are surviving on public money. Their valuations are good, but have a close look at the profits. You need to learn to read balance sheet and you must study the profitability of your company. And the third point is art of customer engagement.

Harish spent few days in Mumbai and after coming back he decided to unfold the mystery of Ajay’s unbelievable sales track record. In even thought of hiring a detective, but dropped the idea as it looked movie like to him and perhaps what would have stopped him is the lack of money with him.

However, he was determined to dig out the truth. And he decided to follow him after office hours secretly on his bike that was not identifiable in his office as it belonged to his brother and he decided to park it at a distance from the office.

 Ajay left at 6:00 p.m. Harish was keeping an eye on him, he had his bag ready, after he left from the main gate, Harish took stairs of back gate and reached where he had parked his bike.

Ajay’s car started moving and Harish kept a distance of 200 meters to him, the red color of the car was good enough to place it from such a distance. The car was moving at an average speed given the traffic of Delhi. The car moved towards NH-8 of Gurgaon and sped up. Harish really had to go full throttle with his speed in order to follow the car.  Finally Gurgaon toll was crossed and the car moved towards the left. After few KM and few turns the car was parked near a multi-storied apartment.  

 Ajay reached the reception where security staff and a receptionist were placed. He said that we was waiting for someone and he did not make any entry. Harish kept standing there and after thirty minutes what he saw he could not believe. He saw Sonia coming out of the apartment and they were putting arms around each other. Harish saw Ajay planting a peck on the cheek of Sonia. Harish was shocked to see different state of relationships, one in office and one that he saw from his eyes just now. He became nervous and thought he might be caught, he just moved from there in his bike. In the ride of two hours, his head was full of shock, nervousness and queries. He reached home, refused food, drank water and retired to the bed where sleep was far-far away from him. He could just get a 15-20 minutes nap. He left the bed by 5:30 a.m. and went for a walk, which was never a part of his routine.

Harish did not take proper breakfast. He reached office at sharp 9:a.m. He came in his car. Yesterday’s episode was got too much into his head and he was not in a mood to be in his detective avatar today.

Sonia came at 9:15 a.m. wearing same stern look on his face. Ajay came at 9:45 a.m. which was earlier than his usual arrival time. All were seated on their workstations, there came a loud voice from Sonia “Ajay, your three price approvals are pending, you had to submit pending details 3 days ago for it to be tabled for discussions with the sales chief, why do you show such carelessness always”. Ajay got up from his cubicle and said it with all seriousness that he would complete it before lunch and email the pending details to the chief and herself. Harish was amazed to see a totally different equation between Sonia and Ajay this morning.  First time the mind of Harish opened up to see what he did not see in normal office course. He realized the power of Sonia, who sat as the conduit to the pricing authority and the presentation of the case to Chief of sales was all in his hands. She could turn the case upside down. The boss hardly had time to look at the long check list in approval sheets. He instantly realized that Ajay has been blessed by Sonia to get the price approvals he required. He then went to his laptop to see his case history, 65% of his cases were approved and rest were rejected, whereas Ajay’s approval history was above 90%, this he saw few months ago while sales reports were lying in the conference hall while everyone left for lunch. This solved one of the major mysteries of Harish and he phoned Mridul to tell how right he was. Mridul advised him to keep calm and be extremely careful in his vigil and never utter a word to anyone, as it will never help him and will go against him.

Now Harish started seeing everything from a different eye. He knew that whatever he was seeing was not real. There was much more to it.

His mind immediately went on the second key point, the sales enquiries. They were all in hand of Debasish and he was the one who distributed the leads to the sales team. However, no one could think of Debasish doing a favor to Ajay as given the open fights and tussles Debasish had been having with Ajay even in front of the bosses.

Today, Harish decided to keep a watch on Debasish and Ajay. Debasish sat in cafeteria having coffee with another office college. Harish scanned him top to toe, he wore ordinary brands of clothes, and however, the gaze of Harish got stuck at the sparkling and beautiful watch, the kinds that Ajay wore. Harish had no much idea about the watch brands and prices, however, he went to the table of Debasish on the pretext of asking about of any fresh enquiries in the system to be allocated to him, while he asked that, Debasish replied that by tomorrow morning one enquiry is likely to be allocated to him, while Debasish spoke that, Harish read the brand name of the watch “Tag Heuer Carrera”. He instantly went to his desk, opened up the browser and checked the prices of carrera series watches. The starting price was INR 3,50,000/- and the one that Debasish wore was priced at INR 4,50,000/-. Debasish lived a simple life and had no taste for luxury items. This raised the alarm in mind of Harish and he was certain that there was something fishy between Debasish and Ajay. The behavior they displayed with each other in office was deliberate, like he observed between Sonia and Ajay.

He recollected that there were times when Debasish sat late in office after 8 p.m. and told Ajay to sit with him to complete his pending reports of prospects and forecast citing that his funnel was the biggest and it needed updations for the reports to have any sanctity.

Tomorrow was Friday, and there were chances that Debasish would call Ajay to sit late for the reports updation to be presented on Monday.

On Friday, Ajay on the pretext of meeting Debasish went to his cabin knowing that he was not there to put a phone with recording on in flight mode. He placed it in the middle drawer, lesser used as compared to top. It was a risk he was taking, but god knows what came over him that promoted him to do so.

Yes, the prediction of Harish turned right. Debasish told Ajay to stay back for report completion. Harish sat in his seat pretending working on his reports and proposal. Waiting patiently for the meeting between Ajay and Debasish to be over. Ajay and Debasish came after 90 minutes and left. Harish knew peon would come within 5 minutes to lock the cabin; he moved swiftly to the cabin of Debasish and took out the mobile he placed in the drawer. He quicky put that in his bag, and moved out of office to his home.

Upon reaching home, he took shower, changed into his evening wear and took out the phone without any delay. He bolted the door and told everyone not to enter. The initial portion of the recording was blank; there came the voice of Ajay. “Hi buddy, how was the dinner yesterday for which I gave you and your family the coupons”.  “It was awesome” Said Debasish. The doubt of Harish became clear that they were supporting each other mutually for money. It was a long conversation that Harsih heard modus operandi between Debasish and Ajay shocked Harish that such manipulations with no ethics and self centricity can make someone a start performer. I heard of government only for such things earlier. I never knew the ugly reality about corporate that I uncovered today. The entire episode of what Harish learnt kept swirling in his head. It was so simple for Ajay to perform. The lead that came into the system were displayed by Debasish on the screen of excel sheet of which Ajay took photographs. The clients were given a lead time of response as 7 days, Debasish was allowed 4 days to filter and allot enquiries to the sales team. However, he was passing all meaty leads to Ajay while in one to one meetings or through unofficial mobile numbers that both Ajay and Debasish carried calling them as their personal phones. 4 days were good enough for Ajay to upload the lead in the system as “self generated” and introduce himself in the customer account, after that Debasish as the presales head never entered those leads into the sales tracking system as an enquiry that came from client directly, instead it reflected in the system as the enquiry generated by Ajay. Ajay and Debasish knew of this process loop hole and took full advantage of it.

Harish phoned Mridul and told him about how correct he was and detailed everything to him. Mridul heard it and paused for 10 seconds before saying anything. Harish was eagerly awaiting his response.

 Mridual said that please make note of two points- first that that the chief of sales is not so blind to sign off whatever Sonia presents, and second that Ajay obtains full control over the customer side information as he has maximum win rate. He must be a very good reader of people and he develops his closure approach based on the style of the individual or multiple decision maker(s).

Harish was not sure how to get answers to these questions. He started thinking about. Meanwhile, another week 3 weeks passed, and the monthly sales results were out. To his surprise, Ajay did not have any single sale in the entire month and this time score card of Harish showed 102% achievement. Both the things were first time in the history.

Next day after the scorecards were published, the chief of sales arrived along with Ajay. He patted Harish on his back for his good performance. Ajay looked happier than ever and was chit chatting with the Chief of sales, and for the first time ever he shook hands with Harish then gave him a warm hug saying congratulations and said lets have lunch together today in cafeteria if you are free. This change in attitude of Ajay surprised Harish and he started wondering about the transformation in Ajay. Harish started waiting impatiently for lunch hour. He always carried his Tiffin from home, but he decided not to carry it as Ajay ordered lavishly in the cafeteria that was best in class with fine variety. Harish decided to make payment of the lunch. He checked his pocket and figured out he had Rs. 900/- in his pocket, out of which Rs.500/- he had to reserve for fuel. However, he thought if the people were more and the bill exceeded, he would get the gas filled in the tank through his credit card, which he rarely used, and was kept for emergencies.

We humans are so fragile inside that one hug, good words and pat on the back can turn the feeling of envy, anger resentment of the opposite.

At 1:15 p.m. Ajay came to the workstation of Harish and again patted him on the back asking him to join for lunch.

 In the cafeteria, Ajay took Harish to the corner table and pulled out the chair for him to sit. Harish felt quite happy with the gesture of Ajay. Before Harish asked for Ajay for his food preference, Ajay suggested that today a special Chinese meal is there. Shall we try that? Along with that we can have cold beverage of our choice and would wind up with a cappuccino coffee. Harish agreed to it and said he would pay the bill. Ajay in return said we are having lunch together for the first time and let me do the honor this time.

Ajay again congratulated Harish for meeting his target. In return Harish told that this month he got almost double the enquiries of what he had been getting in the past. Ajay said that I hope that his enquiries flow remains like this forever, while he said so there was an assuring smile on his face. Harish’s gaze straight went to the watch of Ajay, it was same what Debasish was wearing, all of a sudden he became conscious of the expressions of his face, Ajay noticed it in one quick glance. He put the left arm on the table on which he was wearing 44 mm dial watch, and asked Harish, “Do you like this watch”? “Yes, I do, it’s quite elegant, but I never use a watch, my mobile is a solution for time” replied Harish. “It’s the best piece of jewellery that a man can wear”, Ajay replied back with a smile. “The watch does not reflect time alone, but it reflects the worth and passion one has for all good things in life”. Harish nodded with a grin.

The meals were served and Ajay and Harish started having it.  “Debasish also wears the same watch”, said Ajay. While Ajay said so, there was mischievous smile on face. “Is not Guragon quite difficult on a bike from our office” said Ajay. Again with a mischievous smile. Harish was stunned. His nerves stopped responding. In haste Harish said, so you know I followed you. Ajay said, it does not matter, your structure and bent is such that one can identify you very easily, and your sports shoes that you wear on Friday and glittering and unique enough, and when you stepped out unusually from the back gate, did not you see our peon Ramprasad following you, “regular tips and warm conversations with the housekeeping and security staff helps’ said Ajay with a smile. “I also know that you visited Debasish’s cabin despite knowing he was not there. The face of Harish turned pale. Then Ajay’s face came back to normal, wearing innocent smile, he gave a pat on the back of Harish and said. Nothing matters. You please have your lunch properly. Also, you are the first one to know aside from the top managers and HR that today is my last day in office. You asked me various questions in the past, but I never addressed them to your satisfaction. Why don’t you come in my car after the farewell party, you may leave your car here in office and it would be safe. I will drop you home. Harish said OK and the silence prevailed till they finished their lunch and coffee.

By 4 p.m. the same day the activities started in cafeteria. All the chairs were placed in the corner. A temporary dice was placed and a big cake was on the table about 15 feet away from the dice. A big gift wrap was also seen there. Sonia was supervising all the arrangements.

Harish peeped into the cafeteria and knew that all arrangements were being done for the farewell of Ajay.

It was 5:00 p.m., Arunidhi, the Sr. Hr Manager, made announcement in the office for everyone to gather in cafeteria by 5:30 p.m., everyone knew that such announcements were made either for some important download by the management or the farewell of some employee. The employees got gossiping with each other.

The Chief/VP of Sales, Mr. Radhakrishan Pillai arrived, alongside was Ajay and HR team was following at the back. Another announcement was made by the head HR for everyone to be seated in the chair, and people who are still on their work stations must join immediately.

 HR head stepped up on the dice. Held the mike and said. “Dear friends, today we have gathered to bid farewell to the best sales performer of the company for last 3 years in a row, Ajay is leaving us to fulfill his dreams, it’s a great loss to the organization and he would always be remembered for whatever contribution made to our organization, with this I would request Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai to come on stage and say few words”. The employees started looking into each other’s eye, there was a lull of few seconds and then the first welcome clap was hear for Mr. Pillai prompting rest of the crowd to start clapping. Sonia stood in the corner with an artificial smile on her face. Harish noticed it and knew the possible reasons. Ajay will no longer be as much available to her.

There came the voice of Pillai “Ladies and gentleman, today we have gathered to bid farewell to the best sales man in the country, Ajay, such employees are rarely seen in today’s world, his sincerity, loyalty, discipline, ethics and passion are the things to be learnt from him, I tried retaining him, but when I learnt what he had in hand was much more promising then our organization could give him today, I happily relived him of his duties”. “Ajay, please come on the stage” said Pillai. Ajay walked up to the temporary plateau and Sonia came forward with the gift wrap and handed over to Pillai, which Pillai handed over to Ajay, loud claps followed after the handover of gift. Pillai shook hands with Ajay and wished him good luck. Harish was stunned of the words spoken by Pillai for Ajay, none of them were true.

The farewell ceremony was followed by snacks where everyone came to Ajay and wished him good luck.

 Ajay came to Harish and they both proceeded towards the car of Ajay. Harish seated in the front passenger seat. “Harish, you are a great simple person, I was also like you, I spent 1.5 years in an organization prior to working here which I have hidden in my resume and I was a total failure there, I was chucked out of the job” said Ajay. Harish’s entire focus was to what Ajay was saying.

“While having Sonia and Debasish in my fold is the key to my performance, which will take a lot of meetings between us to tell you the crack code of the cumbersome process, but I will tell you other two important things which you have not know so far” Said Ajay.

“Sonia was placed by me in the organization, she needs all good things in life and a lot of fun” Said Ajay. Then Ajay asked Harish as to how much he knew about the likings and family life of Pillai. Harish said that he saw Pillai’s wife when came to office functions. She is quite fat and average looking and cant converse in English. She sat isolated with his children throughout the functions gobbling food and Pillai did not introduce her to anyone. Ajay smiled, so now you know Why Pillai does not refuse anything to Sonia. She fills one the major gap in life of Pillai. And rest you are smart enough to understand. 

And the fourth and most important part if that you should know your customer well. Knowing an organization’s style is to who you are selling is important, however, the most important is to know the personal attributes of the decision makers involved in the purchase. At the end of the day, they are human beings and it is up to you to align with them after understanding what and how they are and we need to build enough trust and rapport so that they open up with us with all information pertaining to order closure. When I get an enquiry, I fix an appointment with the person defined in as point of contact. Any organization who plans to buy our software will most likely have high grade IT hardware from any of the three companies we all know. I have built exceptional rapport there. The purchase of IT hardware precedes the software purchase. When I speak to the potential customer, I enquire about the hardware used citing that I would need that for technical proposal creation. This information is passed on without any hesitation by the customer. Then I speak to the vendor and understand about the approach, nature, personal information about the decision makers. I also do a lot of social media search to know their personal and professional front. It makes life quite easy to me. Like in the last sale, I knew RK Mehta, the CTO was pursuing hobby as a poet and was a golfer to. I understood from Hardware vendors that he does not mind taking gifts from the vendors. When I met him, I opened my bag to take out my laptop and I also look out the poetry book of Dr. Harvash Rai Bachhan making it look like it came out while taking out the laptop. My 10 minutes of conversation was on poetry, but yes, I had to do my preparation work else it would have flat on my face. Then I said that my hobby is golf as well. There he had tons of things to share. After the first meeting, I gave him a waterman fountain pen which he accepted without any hesitation. Of course I attached that bill for our organization to pay, which, in my case has never been a problem. The next meeting I had with Mr. Mehta was for closure, he opened all the proposals of the competition in front of me. I made the price and payment terms modification in the softcopy, and converted into PDF and sent the email to his official Email ID from right there. MY PO and cheque was ready after three days.

Harish was looking at Ajay with all wonders. How manipulative he was and his focus was very sharp. He knew what matters in closing the sale and he just did that.  He did not know of any unethical sales numbers.

The car was near Harish’s apartment, Ajay open his car dash board and took out a Hugo Boss seated bottle of fragrance. Handing with over with a comment “Use this, Sonia told me that you smell bad”.

Harish got down and waved Ajay, saying we would meet again. To which Ajay replied, if you stay in the company for next 4 years, most likely I will be back as VP of Sales and your boss. Harish could sense unwavering confidence and believe in his voice and learnt that there are no unethical sales numbers.

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