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Beat Age With Glutathione

by Rajesh Gotan

Have you heard of a “whitening pill” or a “celebrity pill”? A very small percentage of people know about it. It’s also popularly known as “Master Oxidant”.

It’s Glutathione!

Glutathione has gained a lot of attention in recent times – Yes, it’s worthy of the attention.

Let’s try to simplify Glutathione!

It is naturally produced is our body but as we age its levels start to decrease. Glutathione is produced in the liver and detoxifies every organ including the skin. Therefore the optimal level of it creates “beauty from within” in the real sense. The external beauty aids are temporary and they do not provide a permanent solution, which Glutathione does.

It’s actually an “Age Marker” of the body.

In order to level up Glutathione in the body one needs to take it in form of supplements. It comes in various forms including Tablets, Capsules, Powder, and Effervescent. For faster results, even injections are available, however, they are banned in certain countries as the research is still inconclusive about its potential bad effects.

Glutathione performs the following key functions:

      • It brightens the skin

      • It reduces and controls the melanin production that causes melasma.

      • It slows down the action of tyrosinase enzyme resulting in the brightening of the skin tone

      • It evens out the skin tone and tightens the age spots

      • It Improves skin elasticity

      • It enhances collagen production

      • It’s a regenerator of Vitamin C that acts as an anti-aging agent

      • It improves symptoms of Photo-ageing

      • It helps in fighting damage caused due to free radical

      • It helps in building body defence mechanism thereby providing improved immunity

      • It helps in fighting bacterial and viral infection

    With so many proven benefits, Glutathione is actively being recommended by Doctors and Dermatologists world-wide.

    When consumed with Vitamin C, it’s absorption increases. Its efficacy further increases if it’s consumed along with N-Acetyle L – Cyteine which further helps to boost Glutathione production in the body.

    It’s best to be consumed in Effervescent form due to its ability to contain a large amount of active multiple ingredients, being highly bio-available ensuring the accuracy of dosage with a variety of flavours to choose from.

    Glutathione is largely extracted from plants.

    Glutathione also gets used to treat infertility, plaque deposit in arteries, lung diseases, reduce the spread of cancer, and minimise the effect the chemotherapy.

    Glutathione has no major side effects it may rarely cause bloating, change in stool behaviour, nausea, constipation and skin rashes.

    The minimum recommended dose by the doctor ranges from 500 mg to 1000 mg a day. The products with a lower value than the recommended may not deliver the results – So watch out for the product label always to check the Glutathione quantity.

    Glutathione supplements that include NAC and Vitamin C work even better as these additional ingredients do not have to be consumed separately to derive full benefit.

    However, if one is medicating, pregnant, or lactating, it’s best to consult the doctor before taking it.

    Glutathione starts to show up the results within 3-4 weeks. Noticeable effects are visible after 3 months of regular consumption.

    In the nutshell, Glutathione is a gift of medical science to us. It’s surely something worth a try for the people who want to reverse the effect of ageing and also to keep diseases at bay.

    So go-head and pick up Glutathione to Beat Your Age”.

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