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Befriend The “Smart Amino Acid”- N Acetyl Cysteine (NAC)

by Rajesh Gotan

NAC is all the rage!

Do you wonder why?

It’s the ever evolving medical science that has unearthed wide range of benefits associated with NAC therefore you see it so promptly in the category of supplements in various forms like powder, tablets, and Effervescent.

So what is NAC?

Simply put- It’s from the family of Amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins in our body.

But it is not about protein building alone, the following wide range of usages makes it so popular

      • It helps in building Glutathione in the body which is also known as “Master Antioxidant”. Read about Glutathione in our blog section

      • It helps in breaking up the mucous in lung diseases including chronic bronchitis

      • It helps in protecting the liver

      • It can help prevent colon cancer

      • It can help in minimizing the effect overdose of pain killers

      • It helps in preventing bladder damage caused by some drugs

      • It helps in improving the pregnancy rates

      • It helps in preventing infections

      • It helps in stabilizing the mood and is also used as an alternate line of treatment for people suffering from anxiety and depression

      • It helps in curbing the spread of cancer

    There is wide use of NAC as an anti-oxidant as well. It’s now commonly used for the treatment of cold, flu, cough, etc. Doctors have started pairing NAC with Vitamin C for fast and effective treatment in these conditions.

    When we talk of food sources, NAC is found in protein-rich foods like chicken, turkey, eggs, yogurt, cheese, and legumes. However, food sources may not be enough and supplements only can provide adequate doses.

    Amino acid food

     Source of NAC rich foods

    In order to derive full benefit, it is advisable to consume NAC in Effervescent form. They contain an adequate quantity and can include multiple active ingredients like Glutathione, Vitamin C, etc. to make it much more effective. Effervescent are highly bio-available. The dosage is accurate. They have 0 sugar and are palatable with many flavors to choose from.

    It is an OTC and you do not need any prescription for it.

    It rarely causes any side effects. However, if one is medicating, pregnant or lactating, it’s best to consult the doctor before taking it.

    NAC is gradually getting included in mainline of treatment.

    This amino acid is worth a try to treat your health condition or for prevention.

    So there is no ill side but all benefits in befriending this Amino Acid. Go for it!

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